iLabor Leading the Way in Hybrid Working

The remote work model has forever changed the way we conduct business. We needed to adapt this new life that had been thrust upon us.  A few years later, working remotely still has its drawbacks. Exclusion, unaccountability, and difficulty staying motivated can make working remote difficult.  Many of us are reluctant of returning to the office because we don’t want to lose the routine of working from home. Recently, Google has announced the embracement of the hybrid work model. Their employees will soon be expected to come into the office three days a week and have two days of remote work. Google has taken a page out of iLabor’s book; they got it down perfectly. iLabor has favored the hybrid work model. In this post, you’ll discover how iLabor took this ‘new normal’ and created a bit of home in the office.

Strong Work Culture

With the hybrid work model, not all workdays are spent in the office, but it is still important for management to make coming to work enjoyable. iLabor has succeeded in making the office an enjoyable place. The office has a genuine ‘at home’ feel. There is a kitchen area that is stocked with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, toaster, proper cutlery, and dishes(even paper and plasticware is available for non-dish washing days). Staff has access to a variety of coffee and snacks. Did you accidentally drop a crumb on the ground? That’s okay, Millie, the office dog, has your back. She is always on duty for a quick clean up.  The office can help keep post-remote work model healthy habits too. The Peloton is regularly available for a good solo ride. Staff can also enjoy their work breaks shooting a game of darts or play Golden Tee. Staff interactions builds better work relationships and promotes a strong work culture of collaboration, trust, and integrity.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is achievable in a hybrid work model. Staff can enjoy the ease of home and the complexity of the office. Less commute time means employees can enjoy those few extra hours in the work week. It is amazing how much can be done with that extra hour in the mornings not spent sitting in traffic! When an employee has a commitment (i.e., a doctor appointment, a sick child, etc.) that requires them to work from home on a certain day. iLabor generally honors the request. The hybrid model makes simple requests, simple.

Boost In Productivity

The hybrid model can show boosted productivity for business as in less absenteeism and fewer sick days taken. While working for iLabor, the employee can make a dental appointment without worrying about taking the entire day off. It is a remarkable feeling to be able to make an appointment or run a quick errand without using Personal Time Off (PTO). When working from home, proper hi tech tools are imperative. iLabor supplies their incoming staff with the best in technology. Everyone can be capable of success even out of the office. iLabor has straightforward communication throughout the company. Team meetings are scheduled daily (in and out of office). Staff can use this time to contribute project updates, ask questions, discuss any regards, or just share a fun story. There is no sense of worrying about micromanagement hovering over shoulders. Instead, iLabor gives encouragement and empowerment to all staff. We all can grow together.

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